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Adventure 1-Meet, Greet, Attack

Johan, R. Kelly, and he-who-has-not-been named were all separately attacked by several Ankhegs and giant ants. As they made their way toward each other, they heard the sounds of the other’s screams. Once they grew close enough to see each other, they joined forces and killed the remaining ankhegs and ants.

The three made their way through the dense forest of the Elven Coast. Soon they were attacked by three elves, whom they killed, as they made their way toward what appeared to be a village. They staked themselves outside of Susa, a small village. The village was in the midst of a celebratory festival dedicated to the god Corellon. The three adventurers made their way into the village after assessing the situation.

He-who-must-not-be-named sought to find someone to enhance his weapons and armor through magical means. Entering a shop, he asked the shopkeeper, a small female gnome, if she could. The gnome, unable to do so herself, suggested an eladrin friend of hers who might be able to help. Meanwhile, Johan and R. Kelly stealthily entered the shop and remained there until the gnome had left and asked no-name to remain outside. Johan and R. Kelly quickly stole what they could in gold, a few wands, and a rapier.

The gnome returned with an eladrin, Rika, who turned out to be a princess in line for the throne. She, however, was not skilled at all in magic. Rather her noble status made it so that the villagers all pretended that she was skilled. No-name was rather disappointed by this, angered Rika by telling her he did not want her to enchant his things after all, and chose to simply wander behind the group the rest of the way.

Johan quickly made a diplomacy check on Rika and she, being somewhat drunk, led him back to her small castle. R. Kelly joined them along the way. At the castle, Johan and Rika went to Rikas enchanting room. Johan told Rika to enchant the rapier, which she failed completely, and while she was busy doing thus he stole much gold from a safe and some expensive wine glasses. He and Rika then engaged in intercourse, and once she had passed out, Johan took the gold pouch on the table and fled through a window. R. Kelly made a similar escape with some semi-expensive silverware.

Meanwhile the town was abuzz with talk of the next successor to the throne. Rika was to marry a moon-elf, herself being a sun-elf, who appeared to be too cruel to make a good ruler. The three adventurers, however, did not stick around to see what would become of this. They fled off into the wilderness with all the valuables they had stolen.


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