Elven Coast

As the name implies, the Elven Coast holds primarily elves. Many are nomadic, to an extent, though villages, towns and a city or two have sprung up in this region.

This area contains primarily elves, though gnomes, wilden and various other, usually fey, humanoids have been known to exist in the area. The two elven types that exist in this region are woodland elves and snow elves. Woodland elves tend to live in the more forested areas and along the coast. Snow elves tend to live on the southern and eastern ends, where the weather tends to be colder.

It is moderately forested and has a somewhat temperate climate, though the temperatures tend to lean toward cold. A variety of monster races exist and flourish here, especially those with either nomadic lifestyles or who primarily exist in forested regions.

Eshnuk: a city devoted, nearly entirely, to Melora
The “city” is more of a town, with a population of only 5750. However, due to it being a coastal setting and a bustling trade center, the number of people in the city tends to be around 8000. This is due, in part, to nomads wanting to stay in a more comfortable residence. It also is because many traders tend to stay in the numerous inns in the area while they perform various trades.
The stable population consists of primarily elves and gnomes, though some humans and half-elves also reside there.

Elven Coast

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